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“Online shopping....making life more bear-able” 

Kimmy Padayachee


From waxing to IPL - I have seen the quickest results on my face. I noticed a difference on the rest of my body after my 4th/5th session. I was skeptical about shaving but the KimsyBear IPL has convinced me that it actually works. Absolutely love the device. It super easy to use. The instruction manual included is clear enough and the FAQ'S on the Instagram feed was very informative.

Kim on Sep 27, 2020

Easy Peasy Lashes - These KimsyBear lashes are amazing. no burning eyes. takes about a minute to pop them on. However I do recommend, carry your magnetic liquid with you for your first few uses because if you don't place them correctly(beginners struggle) you can touch it up without removing the lashes completely. cannot feel them at all once placed on. super comfy. Literally overnight delivery so that was a bonus.

Terri on Oct 06, 2020

Lets Glow - Quiet like this little face gadget (KimsySpa). My skin felt and looked visibly different from the first use. I like the fact that it vibrates into your pores that you actually feel like you are having a non surgical face lift. Happy with my purchase.

Sharon on Oct 06, 2020

Beautiful colours - Not really a lip person but was taken aback by the quality and colors of these Lip Pigments. Definitely does not dry out my lips. Smells lovely too. Lasts nicely.

Kim on Oct 06, 2020

I'm worth it ❤️ - Love this little device. I was a bit skeptical when I started using it as it was very soft and gentle and I expected something harsher and I was wondering how something so light was going to have any effect on my skin. But the KimsySpa is definitely everything it claims to be and more. After just a few days of use I was able to see a huge difference in my skin tone and texture. As someone who struggles with acne and problem skin, this was the best investment ever. It is worth every cent.

Verushka on Oct 19, 2020